Everything had to function …

dorfmuseum - 2016.09-13 - verkleinert
… and this stipulated how people lived, households were run, and festivals were held in rural areas. Kitchens, living rooms and box rooms were well planned and practical, as were tools used in agriculture, gardening and viniculture.

The clothes were plain and made to last.
Their main aims were to keep warm and have enough to eat all year round.
A little bit of help from above could do no harm: their faith gave them assurance, identity and reasons to celebrate.
Visit the Tauberländer Dorfmuseum and be captivated by times gone by.

Experience the realities of country living as you wander through different household rooms.
Discover the old art of farming e.g ox drawn ploughs and the process of drying spelt grains.
Explore the daily life of craftsmen in their workshops such as cobblers and tailors and the working processes in the wine cellars and distilleries.

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